by Art Of Mortal

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released July 22, 2015

Yury Vile, guitars, piano, synth, vocals
Jeanaharte, vocals
Alever, bass

Music and lyrics by Yury Vile
Mixed by Alever
Layout and cover art by Alever



all rights reserved


Art Of Mortal Russia

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Track Name: God's Dream
Horses, what delightful bright
As I fear his darkness mind
What our Father shall be say
If he's gonna go our way

Horses, what delightful bright
As I fear his darkness mind
What Dark Father should be say
If he's gonna go our way

Raise my eyes:
There's broken dam
Shores beneath it
Fiery horse

Painted fear inside her nose
Coming out thru frightened eyes
Flashing light delightful bright
And I fear his darkness mind
Track Name: Dedicated To My Death
I can hardly speak
The sky drowns with me
The earth sings with him
The grief lies with she

If the glass could speak
We would change our faith
All your tears, all your fears
They were nothing but hell

My life is no longer mine
I say to her goodbye
It's just my own desire
I've got nothing to do but die
Track Name: They Still Don't Care About
Empty fields, a flat road under the sky
Why does it feel so real
To follow this path?

The sunlight melts
There’s only endless way ahead
A thousand victims
Have been left behind and dead

I still can see this people
They walk away, go down
I lay on the wet ground
And see the nature around
My blood still flows in veins,
From my hand flows to my face
I still can realize
They didn't care about what’s left behind

And when I turn around
I see the road we've passed
There’re too much screaming souls
That watch the sun at last
They tried to say they saw the right way
But it is all have passed away
Track Name: Vile Vision
The rain of ages plot to wash away
Revelation of a new creation
And the way of dark forks to live and dead
One is to forget, another way to lying dead

Dark vision cloud your sight
Shattered reflections of your mind
You're little more than mad
The broken brains of the city's forgotten play

Somebody misses your dark
Your dark blooming
The bloody hands made
Wonderful traces everywhere

Death walks with us, last grains are falls
We face the flame of what we’ve lost
Track Name: I Desire The End
World of our demise